About Us

Beletti Design takes great pride in its craftsmen. The quality of our goods and attention to detail are paramount to our success. We therefore only work with the best craftsmen and continuously improve our quality control to ensure the highest standards throughout the production process.

We craft luxury beds and other wrought iron goods by hand, with love and care at our artisan’s workshops located at the heart of Europe.

From hand-forged beds to small forged candleholder, Beletti Design hand-tools, shapes and creates the premium wrought iron products in the traditional way. We’ve always been fanatical about improving what we do. Perfecting the details that makes our beds so unique.

A completely bespoke service, is offered for all Beletti Design premium iron products on show in our partner’s stores and on this website.

Make your luxury iron bed or other wrought iron product your own. Every day, our designers and blacksmiths shape customers’ designs at the work bench. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your ideas with our design team to transform your concept into reality. Our international customers appreciate these timeless craftsmen skills.

Please contact us with your enquiries by email: info@beletti.eu as a Beletti Design customer, our craftsmen are at your service.o_nas