Made to order Beds

There is no one like you. You are One of One. One of One is a message of style, luxury and uniqueness. Look at your hands. There has never been and will never be another set of fingerprints like yours.

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your ideas with our design team to transform your concept into reality.

The process of making a custom bed includes a number of discrete steps.

First, in discussion with our clients, we acquaint ourselves with their ideas of what they wish their bed to be like. Because the final result could be greatly influenced by the appearance of the room where it will be placed, it is desirable to include documentation about this space in the process (design drawings, photos, etc.).

On the basis of this discussion, a number of suitable design options for the bed are prepared. Clients are free to propose any revisions and amendments to selected designs so that the final version fully conforms to their ideal. As part of the proposed design we can suggest additional accessories in order to create a complete room concept. When final approval of a design proposal is received, including approval of the surface finish to be applied, production can begin.

1) Meeting with the client


2)Preparation of designhands

The production is carried out by traditional smithing processes and each product is hand crafted from beginning to end by a single craftsman. This procedure ensures the precise execution of each detail and the absolute quality of workmanship on each bed. Individual phases of manufacture are documented and clients are kept continuously informed of progress.

After completion of manufacturing, the surface finishing is done. Once again the paint is applied by hand to ensure a first class finish and the perfect appearance of the final product.

The final step in the process is the delivery to our client of the finished bed and its complete installation. Together with the bed the client receives a certificate of authenticity attesting its uniqueness signed by the craftsman who made it. The client also receives a booklet describing the whole process of creating the bed from developing the design, through a test installation, to the final finishing. In addition clients of the One of One program from Beletti Design receive a gift collection of products to make their living space more enjoyable.

3) Production in the workshophammer

4) Transition of the finished bedglobe_cartons