In the Letizia Bed, mix of geometric forms comes together to create a balanced design that is perfect for modern décor.

The symmetrical design includes squares and rectangles divided by bold diagonals into a pattern of triangles and diamonds. Two circles at the centers of each half of the headboard guide the eye toward the middle of the piece, and the headboard is finished with two strong vertical poles on either side. This exquisite iron headboard is available in many different colors to complement your color palette and the look of your décor.

The Letizia Bed is made with traditional manufacturing techniques by skilled artisans in our workshop. Each piece is produced by hand from start to finish and is inspected every step of the way to ensure that the craftsmanship is flawless. The luxurious bed is made from the highest grade of iron, making it as sturdy as it is handsome. This handmade wrought iron bed will last a lifetime, and its handsome details guarantee it will remain a tasteful piece in any bedroom for years to come.