The Beletti Design Lucrezia Headboard is sure to bring some fun to your bedroom and make the space more dynamic and alive.

The headboard has a very simple box-like frame six vertical wrought iron vertical forms, which divide the headboard into six distinct regions that vary in size. Within each open space, one or two playful spirals with zig-zag tails are positioned vertically or at a diagonal. The left and right halves of the headboard are mirrored in their patterns, giving an overall look of unity to the very unique design.

Made in Europe by some of the most talented ironworkers in the world, the Beletti Design Lucrezia Headboard will perfectly complete the look of many different bedrooms and is sold in several colors to coordinate with a multitude of palettes. Because each headboard is handcrafted, you can be certain that the Lucrezia is free of defects, and we only use the best available iron for the linear forms, the poles at either end and the scrollwork.