The Bianca bed is a stunning piece that combines Old World craftsmanship with modern styling.

The scrollwork of this wrought iron piece brings to mind the graceful curves of a butterfly’s wings with its arcs and flourishes. Available in a wide variety of colors, the Bianca reminds us of the beauty of nature and is the perfect way to add a contemporary flair to your decor while making the space feel homey and inviting.

To create the perfect bed, Beletti Design uses traditional manufacturing techniques. We start with the finest grade of iron, accepting nothing less than top quality materials that are sure to last a lifetime. Then, our skilled artists form and shape the metal entirely by hand. Each element of the headboard is created with painstaking attention to detail, allowing for a much higher degree of quality control that could ever be possible in a factory where beds are manufactured piecemeal along an assembly line. The end result of our traditional handcrafting is a piece of bedroom furniture that is truly flawless and the ultimate in luxury.