Rebecca1_1000The Beletti Design Rebecca Headboard is unlike any design that you’ve ever laid eyes on previously. This very unique piece was inspired by the look of heavy industrial iron and steel and is also a nod to futuristic space age designs. The headboard is made up of wrought iron pieces that are shaped like the letters “C” and “S” at their ends and strong completely straight linear verticals. Wrought iron balls are placed at the points where the various forms meet, creating a unique mix of straight lines and spheres that will enliven your imagination and capture the attention of everyone who sees the headboard.

A true statement piece for contemporary bedrooms, the Beletti Design Rebecca Headboard is made with traditional techniques and the finest of modern materials.

The wrought iron is shaped by hand by our metalwork artisans, and each piece of metal used in the design is carefully inspected to ensure its quality. As a result, the headboard is as luxurious as it is unique.