Return to the days of Gatsby, the age of the flapper and the simple times of the 1920s with the Beletti Design Cristina Bed.

This unique design was inspired by the art deco decor of the time period, as evidenced in the regular pattern of double scrolls that descend from the top and rise from the bottom of the frame. The regularity of the forms and their flourishes instantly capture the eye and give the piece a look that is whimsical and chic at once. The rounded pair of forms at the top perfectly balances the design and adds to its symmetry and regularity.

Made entirely by hand, the Beletti Design Cristina Bed is an ironwork bed of superior quality to any design that you’d find in an ordinary furniture store. Our artisans painstakingly shape each scroll and then use state-of-the-art equipment and traditional techniques to join the individual pieces together into a design of incomparable beauty. We can finish the bed in a multitude of colors to suit your home.