With its unique shape and exquisite craftsmanship, the Vittoria Bed from Beletti Design is truly one of a kind.

The headboard is so striking and unusual in its design that it can completely transform the appearance of any bedroom, elevating its style and enhancing its contemporary vibe. A bold departure from traditional linear headboard designs, the piece has an asymmetrical curved outer frame marked by two arches. Inside, wrought iron travels through loop after loop, creating concentric and overlapping rings and making graceful curves back and forth before the eye. The headboard truly seems to come to life as you follow the path of the metal, and the design is finished by sturdy half moon legs for stability.

The Vittoria Bed is made the traditional way – entirely by hand. Our piece-by-piece hand-craftsmanship ensures that each headboard that we produce is of unparalleled quality and completely without flaw. A number of finishes are available to perfectly match your decor and put the ideal finishing touch on the design.