So unique and stylish it’s practically a work of contemporary art, the Benedetta Bed from Beletti Design will enhance the look of any modern bedroom.

This unique wrought iron headboard is made up of rectangle and square forms in an array of sizes. The geometric shapes are slightly rounded at the corners, adding to their appeal. Overlapped and stacked in some areas and sparsely staggered in others, the shapes seem randomly arranged, giving the design a playful feel.

The Benedetta Bed is a luxury quality piece that is handcrafted using traditional manufacturing techniques. The bed’s freeform look is light and airy, but the metal from which it is made is heavy duty to stand the test of time. The style is available in a variety of finishes to suit a multitude of color palettes in the bedroom. The legs and base of the headboard are extra thick to provide ample support and sturdiness to the headboard. Order yours today and give your bed a dynamic modern makeover.