We often think of “X” marking the spot of some rare treasure that offers riches beyond our wildest dreams.

In the case of the Beletti Design Penelope Bed, wrought iron Xs create a stylish framework for a bed that is truly of luxury quality. Inspired by both the Old World craftsmanship of days gone by and the minimalist simplicity of today’s contemporary designs, the Penelope features three pairs of X forms that capture the eye and look stunning in any of our available color finishes. Thick rods with rounded tops flank the central design, producing strong verticals that balance, support and visually complete the headboard.

The Beletti Design Penelope Bed is crafted by hand by one of our skilled metal artisans. We don’t churn out pieces along assembly lines, and as a result, each headboard we produce is truly a work of art. Free of flaws and strong enough to last a lifetime, the Penelope is crafted from only the finest of materials and will make an impressive statement in a master bedroom or even a guest room.